“There’s grace for today”

I am a wife, mom, digital entrepreneur and founder of Aneno Beauty as well as Wisdom & Wellness. I am passionate and fascinated with wholesome living; from relationships, to wholistic health, food and all things home and decor. My life’s work involves lots of unlearning, learning and teaching. If you’re on the search for a fuller and meaningful life, you’re in the right place. My mission is to help people from different spaces to find their unique purpose and passion through my social media platforms, podcasts and personal encounters

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The concept of Wisdom & Wellness was born out of my struggle with postpartum depression. I felt like I needed to connect more with myself in a way that I had never felt before – who was I ? I knew that I had work to do, I had to take care of my mental, emotional and physical health. I had to find meaning and fulfilment in the things that made me feel excited and passionate about life. Wisdom & Wellness has been built on connection. One of my most significant realisations during the initial stages of conceptualisation was; when you draw close to other inspirational women, you can’t help but do the work!

It aims to develop, inspire and serve others. I walk along this personal journey of growth with my audience, with the ultimate goal of living the most intentional full life that we can. The movement is driven through various touch-points, from; a #1 apple podcast in South Africa to fitness challenges on social media, 2-minute IGTV videos on Wednesdays and book club meets and events.

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